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Winter Stuffed Squid

In Greece squid, and seafood generally I would say, is associated with summer flavours, hot weather, proximity to the sea, and it is usually grilled or fried. So this is an out of the box recipe, in which the stuffing mingles winter vegetables, and the squid is shallow fried in a pan and then finished of in the oven to make it home cooking accessible.

The quantities given are for 4 large squid, which should be cleaned, wings and heads removed.

For the stuffing, in a hot non stick pan add:

  • Red cabbage, 1/4 piece, thinly cut in stripes

Let it soften, and burn slightly, and remove on a plate. Reduce heat slightly, add some oil to the pan and saute:

  • Carrot, 1 small pc, grated

  • Kohlrabi, 1/4 pc grated

until lightly coloured and softened. Add some more oil and

  • Red chilli, 1 pc, thinly cut

  • Spring Onions, 5 pcs, thinly cut

  • Garlic, 1 pc, thinly cut

Cook for a couple more minutes while stirring, and add

  • Curry powder, 1 tbsp

  • Mirin, 2 tbsp

  • Lime juice, 2 tbsp

  • Salt, to taste

Mix well, take of heat, taste and adjust salt and acidity, and allow to cool. When at room T, stuff the squid as much as you can to remove air pockets and assist even cooking, and seal the opening with a toothpick. At this point you can store in the fridge for a couple of days, if squid was fresh when you bought it and properly cleaned.

Wipe clean the pan, and heat again oven medium to high heat. Oil the squid well and place in the pan. Leave for 1 - 2 minutes then turn a quarter and leave for another 2 minutes. Repeat 2 more times to get an even sear around. At this point you can keep them at room T for a few hours, so it is suitable for a crowd, because you can prep a few hours before the guests arrive, and then just place in the oven before serving. Place in a preheated oven at 160 Celsius for 15 minutes.

I like to serve this with a kohlrabi puree, or sauteed winter greens like spinach and kale.


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