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White Chocolate and Matcha Panna Cotta

So many of my favorite flavours in one dessert. There is white chocolate, and matcha tea, and coconut, and lime. This could very well be a near perfect combination for me. And the technique is ridiculously easy of course, being a panna cotta. This is why I can never forgive a non- wobble. It is essentially the only pressure point in a panna cotta, and so easy to not mess up. I use 1 gelatine sheet per 200 gr of liquid roughly, which is basically slightly diluted heavy cream.

The quantities below are enough for 6 usual panna cotta sizes. If you don't have proper ramekins, use glasses for an alternative plating (although you will be sacrificing the wobble!).

Soak in cold water:

  • Gelatine sheets, 3 pcs

In a small pot over medium heat, stir constantly with a wooden spoon:

  • Heavy Cream 450 gr

  • Milk 150 gr

  • Sugar 50 gr

Once steaming add:

  • White Chocolate 100 gr

  • Matcha powder, 5 gr (about 1 tbsp)

Switch to a whisk and rigorously stir everything together to get a uniform mixture as the chocolate melts and the matcha dissolves (it will curdle, so try to break those lumps apart).

Squeeze the water off the gelatine sheets with your hand and add them to the pot. Stir well to dissolve them, then pass through a fine strainer into a jug. Allow to cool considerably, almost to room T, swirling often to dissolve the thin layer of coating that will appear on the surface. Fill the ramekins or glasses, and refrigerate for at least 16 hrs, and up to several days (because the gelatine is just enough time is needed for it to take full effect, and furthermore the matcha flavour increases with time, so be patient). Before serving sprinkle a mixture of:

  • Lime zest, and

  • Coconut, dessicated, or flakes, and toasted

Note: To remove from a ramekin, pass the back of a knife around between the edge of the panna cotta and the inside of the ramekin in a single movement. Reverse on the serving plate and gently shake the ramekin with small movements to release the bottom (now top) so it drops on the plate.


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