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White Chocolate, Coconut, and Matcha Truffles

White chocolate, coconut, matcha tea. On their own three of my favourite flavours, so you can imagine that when combined I am in heaven. Furthermore these truffles are also incredible in texture, silky but not too soft, and ridiculously easy to make, but you will need a few special ingredients that are worth keeping in your pantry anyway. Finally this recipe is dairy free and gluten free, although you could never tell!

In a small pot over low heat place:

  • Oat milk 150 ml - use a barista version which is thicker and richer

  • Coconut oil, 50 gr

  • Matcha powder, 1 tbsp, sieved - use good quality matcha tea, make no concessions here

For about 10 -15 minutes whisk gently every now and then to incorporate the butter and infuse the oat milk with the matcha. When sufficiently warm add:

  • White chocolate, cut in small pieces 125 gr

Continue whisking to melt and incorporate the chocolate. Once melted, pour in a bowl and add:

  • Coconut, desiccated and toasted, 75 gr

  • Almond flour, 125 gr

Mix well and place in the fridge for at least 2 hrs, stirring with a spatula every 30 minutes or so while it is cooling down.

Shape in golf sized balls, roll in more coconut and keep in the fridge.


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