Thai Shrimp Soup

I have rarely come across such an easy yet incredibly flavorful recipe.

In a pot, bring gently, i.e over medium heat to a simmer:

1. Coconut Cream, 2 cups

2. Stock (fish, shellfish, or vegetable), 1,5 cups

3. Salt, 1 tsp

Once simmering add:

4. Tamarind Paste / pulp / water (available in Asian markets, long shelf life, keep in fridge once opened), 4 tbsp

5. Brown sugar, 2 tbsp

6. Fish Sauce, 4 tbsp

and whisk to dissolve tamarind and sugar. Then add:

7. Shrimps, cleaned (frozen or fresh), 2 cups

and cook for about 4 minutes (check that the shrimp is cooked). Turn heat off and add

8. Onion, 1 small pc, cut in thin strips

Leave to slightly cool, and adjust seasoning. Add:

9. Lime juice, 1/2 pc or more, to taste, and garnish with

10. Red Chili, thinly sliced

11. Coriander leaves

I like to pair this soup with rice vermicelli noodles, when just shrimps are not enough.