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String beans with Grapefruit and Almonds

A different approach to your usual string beans, in season during summer in Greece, packed with vitamins and nutrients from the almonds and grapefruit, and further mingled with fresh coriander and a pickled red pepper pesto for extra flavour.

Boil the:

  • String beans - I have used a short variety here

for about 8 minutes, immediately refresh in ice water, and drain.The precise cooking time will depend on the bean variety and your preference for doneness, I like mine to have a distinct bite, many people though might find them undercooked so adjust to your own tastes.

For the pesto, in a food processor or using a hand blender blitz to a smooth, thick paste:

  • Pickled red pepper, from a jar - this is a Greek delicacy (Πιπεριές Φλωρίνης), which you can substitute with a roasted red pepper, skin removed, and more vinegar - 100 gr

  • Garlic, 8 gr, roughy 2 cloves

  • Vinegar, 10 gr

  • Salt, to taste

In a bowl, mix the beans with enough of the pesto to coat well. Add generous amounts of:

  • Grapefruit, fillets cut in smaller pieces

  • Almonds, toasted and crushed

  • Coriander leaves, shredded

Right before serving dress with:

  • Extra virgin olive oil


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