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Rice Bowl with Salmon Gravlax and a Cucumber and Broccoli Mingle

Cold comfort and my favourite sushi resembling go - to meal. The magic here is in the cucumber and broccoli mingle, because as simple as it sounds, it is both soft and crunchy, earthy and leafy, and completely lifts off when dressed with the soy/yuzu sauce.

The recipe for the salmon gravlax is here (it is a basic recipe, feel free to play around with other herbs and aromatics). Prepare that soy sauce without the chilli and spring onion which will go in the vegetable mingle in this case, and dress your bowl right before serving. Recycle any cooked rice you have, I prefer either long-grain or basmati, which are the two I most often use anyway.

Mix in a bowl (quantities are indicative, use as much or as little of each ingredient as makes sense to you):

  • Cucumber, washed, cut in half lengthwise, seeds removed with a spoon, and cut into thin stripes, 1 small pc

  • Spring Onion, both white and green parts, cut as thinly as possible, 2 pcs

  • Red Chilli, deseeded and cut very thinly, 1 pc

  • Broccoli, boiled or steamed, and passed with a knife to tear to smaller pieces, 1/2 pc, head and stem

  • Coriander, fresh leaves, 1 cup

  • Pickled ginger, thinly cut in stripes, 5 slices (I keep store-bought white pickled ginger in the fridge, it lasts forever, is slightly sweet and spicy, and will funk up a lot if salads, in a discreet unexpected way)

In a small pot over low heat, bring to a boil then immediately remove from heat (the quantities are suitable for 2 - 3 cups of cooked rice):

  • Sugar, 2 tbsp

  • Salt, 1 tsp

  • Rice Vinegar, 3 tbsp

  • Mirin, 1 tbsp (from Asian markets, a very low alcohol rice wine, effectively used as a liquid sweetener, it will keep forever in your pantry)

Swirl to dissolve the sugar and salt, then pour over the rice and mix well. Best way to do this is to spread the rice in a tray, and use two forks to mix.

Cut the salmon thinly and place on a plate with the rice and vegetables. Garnish with shredded nori seaweed, if you have such a well equipped pantry, or some sesame seeds, and dress with the sauce right before serving.


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