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Tabbouleh Style stuffed Vine leaves

Stuffed Vine leaves are such a tradition in Greece, the stuffing being either of rice, or minced meat or both. This is a kinky variation with a tabbouleh style stuffing and a very funky sauce. The quantities given are more than enough for 40 leaves.


  • 150 gr bulgur in

  • 100 ml lemon juice and

  • 150 ml lukewarm water

and let it sit for a few hours until soft. Add more water if needed every 30 minutes or so. This is the best way to get the flavour and aroma of lemon into the bulgur, allow it to soak it.

Blanch the leaves in water that has just boiled for 15 minutes (or more if needed until soft and edible) and drain.

In a bowl mix:

  • Pickled red peppers, 1 pc, finely cut (this is a Greek delicacy that typically uses red peppers from Florina, that are roasted, skin removed, then pickled, and stored in a jar for a very long time. If you can't find any, you can make your own with any kind of peppers of course, or you can just leave this ingredient out).

  • Sun dried tomatoes, 5 pc, finely cut

  • Parsley, 1/3 cup

  • Mint, 1/3 cup

  • Spring onion, 2 pcs, thinly cut

  • Sumac, 2 tsp

  • Salt, to taste

Arrange vine leaves top pointing upwards on a board, and place 1 tsp of the stuffing in the center and near the bottom. Fold the sides over the tabbouleh and roll from bottom to top as tightly as you can. Keep refrigerated.

For the sauce whisk well until smooth:

  • Tahini, well stirred and runny, 3 tbsp

  • Lemon Juice, 1/4 cup

  • Water, 2 tbsp at least

  • Olive oil, 2 tbsp

  • Horseradish paste, 1 tbsp


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