Steamed Mussels with Oven Fried Potatoes

What lovely, light comfort food this is

For the potatoes: These are my favorite potatoes because the satisfaction of the fried potatoes is there, but the frying is not. Peel, wash, and pat dry the potatoes. Cut in thin strips of 1 cm width and place in a bowl. Using your hands to coat them well add olive oil and quite a lot of salt. Line a tray with parchment paper and cook in preheated oven at 200 degrees fan mode for about 40 minutes. Trust the color. You want them golden and crunchy.

Tomato sauce: In a big pan saute finely cut fennel, ginger and red chili. When they start to soften add garlic and fennel seeds. After a few seconds deglaze with wine (I prefer to use white here, or even better ouzo). Add grated tomatoes, some concentrated tomato puree, a bit of sugar, salt and pepper. Cook for a few minutes to reduce a little bit. Lower heat, add mussels and a bit more wine if needed. You want some liquid there because this is what will effectively steam the mussels. Turn heat down and add the mussels.

Mussels: Wash and clean the mussels. Cook in the pan on low heat with the lid on for about 10 minutes, until they open and throw away those that don’t. Turn off heat add chopped fresh coriander.