Roasted Cabbage and Sardines in a fragrant Tomato Sauce

The recipe for the cabbage is adopted from Bon Appetit website. It is incredibly flavoursome and extremely easy. Quantities given are for 2 very generous portions.

For the sauce, mix in a bowl:

  • Tomato paste, 2 tbsp

  • Sugar, 1/4 tsp

  • Coriander powder, 1,5 tbsp

  • Cumin powder, 1,5 tbsp

  • Chilli flakes, 1 tbsp

  • Garlic, minced, 1 tbsp

  • Ginger, grated, 1 tsp

Cut in 4 equal wedges:

  • Cabbage, 1/2 pc

In a hot pan that can go in the oven (i.e with a metallic handle) add a little olive oil and salt and place the wedges. Allow to brown on each side and the back. Remove wedges on a plate.

In the same pan, heat the sauce, stirring with a wooden spoon for a few seconds. Add 1 cup:

  • Water, Fish or Vegetable stock

Return the cabbage wedges to the pan, and place the pan in preheated oven at 200 degrees celsius. Roast for 40 minutes, flipping halfway through. Remove wedges on a plate, and return pan to the stove on low heat. Place in the pan:

  • Sardine fillets, 16 pcs, married as we say in Greece, meaning one on top of the other in pairs, skins facing bottom and top, you should therefore have 8 couples (to get the fillets remove the head, intestines, and spine with your hands, rinse well and pat dry).

and cook for 3 minutes, flipping each couple halfway through.

Place 2 wedges, and 4 couples on each plate, and pour over remaining sauce. Garnish with:

  • Coriander or Parsley, finely chopped

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