Rice Salad with Raw Broccoli

OK, in its complete form this mingled salad is utterly delicious in a very unexpected way. But keto's can skip raisins and rice, vegetarians can skip the bacon and it will still be a complete, healthy, nutritious meal. Apart from the bacon and rice, there is no other cooking involved, and furthermore, I used left over basmati rice, so there was even less cooking on the day. This is actually the reason I came up with the particular salad, what to do with left over rice.

In a bowl, mingle:

1. Broccoli, 1 medium pc, very very finely cut. Raw broccoli can be unpleasant to bite into if the pieces are large, so use your finest knife skills, or if needed a food processor.

2. Pine nuts, toasted, 2 tbsp, or more. Honestly I would say as much as you would like, and this also goes for the rest of the ingredients.

3. Onion, 1 medium pc, finely chopped in thin strips, or cubes if you prefer, although for salads I find the texture of a thin strip a lot more pleasant and discrete.

4. Raisins, 2 tbsp

5. Bacon, 4 pcs, crispy and roughly cut

6. Cooked rice, 2 cups

For the dressing, in a bowl whisk together:

7. Mayonnaise, 100 gr

8. Buttermilk, 100 gr

9. Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 tsp

10. Salt, 1/4 tsp

Mix well with the rest of the ingredients and sprinkle:

11. Freshly ground black pepper

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