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Potato Salad with Smoked Salmon and Pomegranate Seeds

I like using potatoes as flavour carriers instead of bread or pasta. Furthermore, they are cheap, easy to cook, and satisfying, so it is a good idea to keep some in your pantry. In this recipe they are simply boiled, and seasoned and dressed while warm. This is the secret to tasty potatoes in a salad.

  • Potatoes

Peel, cut in roughly 4*4 cm "cubes", and place in a pot with cold water. Start heating the water, and count 15 - 20 minutes when the water starts to boil. Check they are cooked by inserting a knife which should easily slice through. Drain and season with salt and some olive oil immediately while constantly shaking the colander to distribute evenly. The oil is not the dressing here, you just want enough for the potatoes to soak some in, but you should not be able to tell there is olive oil there if you do not know it. Cool slightly.

Dressing for 4 big potatoes:

  • Mayonnaise, homemade or store bought, 1 cup

  • Horseradish paste, roughly 1/3 cup

  • Salt, 1/4 tsp at least

  • Lime Juice, for half a piece roughly but adjust acidity to your liking

Dress the potatoes in a bowl at room T or slightly warm. Place on a platter, and scatter on top enough quantities of:

  • Spring Onion, thinly cut

  • Coriander leaves, finely cut

  • Pomegranate Seeds

  • Smoked Salmon fillets

  • Nigella Seeds


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