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Fried Rice with Ginger, Chilli, Eggs, and Peas

When I cook rice for a meal, I always make more, because fried rice needs to be at least one day old, and more importantly cold when it hits the pan. And who doesn't love fried rice? I keep it simple here mingling it only with a handful of other ingredients, a bit of soy and lime juice, but making sure it is technically perfect, which for me means cooking the eggs and rice with the vegetables in the same pan but separately.

Finish with the prep before you turn the heat on, because after that everything happens very quickly! First keep the heat on a medium level, oil the pan and add the:

  • Eggs, whisked

allow them to start setting and but keep breaking them up using a silicon spatula. In the end what you want to be left with is small omelette - like bite pieces. Right before removing them on a plate, drizzle some:

  • Soy sauce

  • Lime juice

to coat them well.

For the following quantities, use your intuition and starting with the rice quantity available, think about how much of the others you would like in a bite to get a feeling of the relative volumes.

Turn heat on to maximum, add some more oil to the pan if needed, and quickly saute generous amounts of:

  • Ginger, very thinly diced

  • Chilli, very thinly diced

After a few seconds add the:

  • Garlic, very thinly diced

and almost immediately the cold rice. The pan should be big enough to easily accommodate your volumes while stirring vigorously, otherwise it is best to do it in batches. After a couple of minutes when the rice has warmed through, add:

  • Soy sauce, a tbsp at a time and taste

  • Lime juice, to taste

  • Peas, fresh or defrosted

and mix well. Turn heat off, return the egg pieces to the pan, taste and adjust seasoning.

Note: Shrimps would be a great addition here for the non vegans.


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