Beef Bulgogi with Carrots

Probably the most famous Korean recipe in Europe. The deliciousness is hidden in an unexpected ingredient in the marinade and the long marinating period which really renders the beef incredibly soft. Since, most probably, at home you will be cooking the meat in a pan, make sure it is smoking hot and add the meat in batches to keep the temperature as high as possible and avoid just steaming it. You want to burn the outer layer of the marinade and create a pseudo-smokey flavor. Use a lean steak cut (such as a flank steak) and cut into thin strips. Allow to marinate overnight, at least 8 hrs.

In a hot non - stick pan add in batches:

1. Beef, 600gr, thin stripes, marinated overnight

For the marinade mix into a thick paste:

2. Soy, 6 tbsp

3. Mirin, 2 tbsp

4. Brown Sugar, 3 tbsp

5. Garlic, grated, 1 tbsp

6. Ginger, grated, 1 tbsp

7. Onion, 1 large pc, roughly chopped

8. Pear, peeled and grated, 1 pc (about 150 gr)

Remove from pan as soon as sufficiently browned, a few seconds on each side. Keep excess marinade for the carrots.

In the same pan, add some olive oil and quickly saute, stirring constantly, until slightly softened:

9. Carrots, 2 medium pcs, peeled into strips (there really is no way around having a strip peeler for this..).

Take of heat and immediately add some of the marinade to coat them.

Place beef on a platter, top with the carrots and garnish with:

10. Sesame Seeds

11. Spring Onion tops, the green parts (and / or chives).

Serve with rice, of course,