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Tamarind Chicken

I love simple dishes. This is a baked chicken recipe full of flavor due to the marinade it sits in overnight which is then turned into a sauce. The quantities are for a whole average chicken cut in 8 pieces.

For the marinade, mix well:

  • Fish Sauce, 6 tbsp

  • Soy Sauce, 5 tbsp

  • Honey, 6 tbsp

  • Sesame Oil, 2 tbsp

  • Tamarind Paste, 2 tbsp

  • Chili Flakes, 1 tsp

  • Lime Zest, from 2 pc

  • Garlic, 2 cloves, minced or grated

Cover chicken pieces and leave in the fridge overnight. I like to use a plastic zip bag for this, as it helps to keep the pieces submerged in the juices.

Place chicken and marinade in a tray and bake at 200 degrees C, convection mode, for 45 minutes. Reduce tray juices to a thick sauce by boiling in a pot and adjust seasoning.

I like to serve this with a green salad of herb leaves (coriander, mint) mixed with finely chopped spring onion and chilli, and dressed with lime juice and a few drops of olive oil.


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